Published: Nov 7, 2018

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Analysis of the Influence of the Number of Customers and The Gold Price on the Distribution of Class B Credit at PT. Pegadaian Tegal Branch

1-13 Adi Riyanti, Mahben Jalil , Sri Murdiati, Tabrani Tabrani
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Influence Of Organizational Culture, Locus Of Control, And Work Valueon The Performance Of Lecturers Of The Faculty Of Economics and Business Pancasakti University Tegal

14-26 Anthony Ferbianto Santoso, Mahben Jalil, Setiowati Subroto
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Analysis SWOT as a Basis for Strategy Formulation Nissan Car Marketing at PT Wahana Rejeki Mobilindo Tegal

27-35 Afif Novianto, Gunistyo Gunistyo, Amirah, Sumarno
Read Statistic: 1

Stock Selection and Market Ability Analysis Timing Of Investment Manager In Equity Mutual Fund Sharia In Indonesia

36-44 A.H Rahman, Amirah Amirah, Dien Noviany Rahmatika, Yuni Utami
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Influence Of Competitive Advantage Strategy And Service Positioning Strategy Against Marketing Performance At KPRITegal Regency Financial Services Sector

45-52 Eko Setyaningsih, Niken Wahyu, Setyowati Subroto, Deddy Prihadi
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The Influence Of Food Quality, Service Quality And Price Promotion On Repeat Purchase Intention At Solaria Transmart Tegal

53-61 Fika, Jaka Waskita, Makmur Sujarwo, Agnes Dwita
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The Relationship Of Leader Characteristics, Company Support, And Learning Organizations With Work Motivation To Provide Multi Level Marketing In Pt. Melia Healthy Prosperous Tegal

62-71 Muhammad Rafiansyah, Niken Wahyu, Catur Wahyudi, Mei Rani Amalia
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The Effect of Sukuk Value, Sukuk Rating, Sukuk Risk and Debt to Equity Ratio of the Company on Last Yield Sukuk Non-Bank Was Issued Sukuk in 2012-2017

72-82 Ayu Sekar Sari, Yuni Utami, Ira Maya H, Dien Noviany Rahmatika
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Influence Attribute Product, Satisfaction, And Variety Seeking To Brand Switching Consumer From Indomie To Noodles Delicious In Ward Horse Districts Slawi Districts Tegal

83-91 Patmawati, Mahben Jalil, Ahmad Hanfan, Makmur Sujarwo
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The Effect Of Written Batik Motif Innovation And Mixed Strategy Marketing On Business Development Of Msme Centers Industry Batik Village Sindang, Kec. Dukuhwaru, Regency Tegal

92-107 Rivaldo Rika Primary, Jaka Waskita, Yuni Utami, Yanti Puji Astutie
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The Influence Of Relationship Marketing (Relationship Marketing), Complaint Handling, And Diversification Products To Customer Loyalty Business Loans (Kur) At Bri Unit Gumayun Slawi Branch In Dukuhwaru District Districts Tegal

108-113 Sri Wahyuni, Tabrani Tabrani, Sari Wiyanti, Deddy Prihadi
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Market Reaction Capital Against Demonstration 212 (On company that Get inside Stock Index Indonesian Sharia)

114-124 Winda Umami, Gunistyo Gunistyo, Niken Wahyu C, Ira Maya H
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Influence Of Growth Opportunity, Company Size and Capital Structure Of Company Value In The Company Manufacturing On The Indonesia Stock Exchange

125-133 Zuliana Puspita Ningrum, Gunistiyo, Abdulloh Mubarok, Yanti Puji A
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The Effect Of Market Orientation And Entrepreneurship Orientation On Marketing Performance Of Msme Production Of Batik Tegalan In Tegal City

134-148 Adhim Rakhman Nugraha, Gunistiyo Gunistiyo, Ahmad Hanfan, Sari Wiyanti
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Effect of Bi Rate and Inflation To Debt Yield Country (Sun)

149-157 Silvia Nurul Amalia, Sri Murdiati, Dewi Indriasih, M. Arridho
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